Neil Ohmie


Neil Ohmie is a tattoo artist born in Utah.  At a very young age he fell in love with art of all kinds.  Artists like Frank Frazetta, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane and many others were an inspiration of creativity.  Airbrush, graphite, digital, acrylic and even concrete are just some of the mediums used to create some of the many works of art throughout his life.  

  Neil was lucky enough to obtain an apprenticeship  from Thai Le and Mark Lettig, owners of Zen Tattoo in Murray Utah and from that point forward has been striving to create the highest quality tattoos for every client.

  With many different styles of interest such as black and gray, full color, realism, neo-traditional and illustrative, Neil is very passionate about the art of tattooing as well as grateful to be doing what he loves every day as a life long career.